Will dentures affect my speech?

denturesDentures are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth, but they require an adjustment period. Many people are concerned that their speech will be affected by their new teeth. With some practice, you can learn to talk easily while wearing your dentures, and no one will know the difference.

Initial Adjustment to Dentures

When you first get your new dentures it’s a good idea to take a few days to get used to them. Dentures tend to be bulky, and the addition of the extra material in your mouth can make talking and eating a bit challenging at first. You might also find yourself salivating more copiously, which can be uncomfortable.

Before your debut your dentures in public, practice at home. Talk to yourself in the mirror, or read aloud to yourself or your pets. (They’ll enjoy the attention.) If you watch yourself in the mirror, it will help you see that your new teeth aren’t moving around or doing anything untoward while you speak, which will help you develop self-confidence.

Eating can also take some practice. Start with soft foods until you get used to chewing with your new teeth. Divide food up into roughly equal portions and chew with the same amount of food on each side of your mouth. This keeps the denture from receiving more pressure on one side than on the other. After you’ve given everything a trial run and feel more confident, you can head out with friends and family without anxiety.

Signs Your Dentures Might Need Adjustment

If you experience any discomfort from your dentures, talk to your dentist as soon as possible. Dentures should fit firmly in the mouth, even without adhesive, if they are properly fitted. Over time, the shape of your jaw will change as the body resorbs the calcium that makes up your jawbone. This is because there is no tooth root anymore to stimulate bone growth. Changes in the shape of your jawbone lead to changes in the way your dentures fit, which can then lead to sore spots on your gums, thrush in your mouth, and other problems. Having the denture relined or refitted will make it fit perfectly again.

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