What to Expect With Your New Patient Dental Exam

Whether it’s your first time ever seeing a dentist or you’re just switching to a new one, you might feel a little anxious about your new patient dental exam. Knowing what to expect upfront helps you feel better about the visit. It’ll also make it easier to be prepared for any questions your dentist, or you may have. 

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The first thing you’ll be asked to do during your new patient dental exam is fill out the required paperwork. This includes sharing details about your medical history, contact information, insurance coverage, privacy notices, and more. Many dental offices allow you to download and fill out these intake forms from home to save time. Tate Family Dentistry has all the forms ready for you to download and complete before your visit.

Discuss Any Concerns

Since you’re just meeting for the first time, your initial visit might take a little longer as you may have questions or concerns. You might even experience fears of going to the dentist, which is common. If so, your dentist will help develop a plan to make you feel more comfortable now and during future visits. Of course, you’re always free to ask questions and discuss any concerns about your dental health at every visit.

New Patient Dental Exam X-Rays

As a new patient, your dentist will likely want to take x-rays to get an understanding of your current oral health conditions. X-rays will allow your team to see any issues that might be beneath the surface. They’re helpful in spotting issues with your roots and even early signs of oral cancers. During this portion of the visit, your blood pressure might also be checked to ensure you’re feeling okay and aren’t too anxious.

A Thorough Exam and Cleaning

The longest part of your new patient dental exam is the exam and cleaning itself. During the exam, your dentist will look at your teeth, gumline, and even jaws to check for cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. 

The next step is usually a deep clean to remove any built-up plaque. If your teeth are damaged, or there is decay, your dentist might suggest other procedures to deal with those issues before you have a cleaning. Of course, all of this is discussed before anything is done.

Final Conversation

Upon completing your first dental exam, your dentist will talk about any concerns and ways to improve your oral care if needed. You will also discuss further procedures, learn about all your options, and schedule the next appointment. 

At Tate Family Dentistry, we welcome new patients. Explore how you can take advantage of our new dental patient specials.

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