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“I have been a client of Dr John Michael Tate’s dentistry practice for 13 years. In fact, my entire family goes to them–including my parents. Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful, and you feel they really care about you. I am always pleased with their service. Dr Tate’s son, Tyler, joined the practice this past year. He is awesome too, and now we have two Dr Tates to provide us with great dental care! I definitely recommend them.”

-Cindy Troop

“I’ve been a patient for as long as I can remember. You have always been awesome. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


“I recommend Dr. Tyler Tate, Dr. John Michael Tate, and their entire staff without reservation. I have know Dr. Tyler since childhood and can testify to his genuine kindness and strong character. Recently, Dr. Tyler and his wonderful assistants performed a long-avoided (on my part) root canal with perfect success. Thank you to everyone at Dr. Tate and Dr. Tyler’s office for a professional and refreshingly fun dental experience.”

-Nathan Miller

“Dr John Tyler Tate is friendly, engaging and easy to talk to.”


“I had a great experience at Tate Family Dentistry. They took care of me in a very professional way. I felt comfortable and relaxed in the great environment they provided. I not only go there, but also take my 6 y/o, 5 y/o and 3y/o. They are perfect for the whole family!”


“Great customer service!”


“Exceptional–very pleased! Thank you all!!!!”


“Keep up the outstanding service.”


“Very happy with everyone and will continue to return even when I lose my dental insurance. There is no other dental office for me!”


“Everyone was fantastic!! We will recommend your office to our family and friends.”


“Love the staff, location and payment options.”


“This is the sweetest office I’ve ever experienced. I love Dr Tate and all the employees. Everyone shows genuine care and concern.”


“Dr. Michael Tate and Dr. Tyler Tate are both very unique in their industry. Not only will they take the time to speak with you about your care, they will also walk you through all possibilities. Their concern for your comfort is second to none and very appreciated! I recommend these dentists to everyone I know and will continue to do so.”

-Rob W.

“I love the whole atmosphere here. Everyone is super nice!”


“Out of all my years in visiting dental offices, yours by far is on the top of the list. EVERYONE was so warm, welcoming & professional. It would be my pleasure to refer everyone to your office!”


“I love the staff, exceptional service and care. Everyone is genuinely friendly. I’m enjoying the online changes and electronic benefits.”


“Friendly staff and quality service. I haven’t had to wait in reception room yet.”

-Ginia Z.

“Being part of the Tate family has been a privilege. We came from Arlington where we were part of another great family practice and wondered if we would ever find a replacement. We did!! It has always been a very open, sincere dental office with excellence in mind. Everyone has always been so very friendly and nice.”


“Everyone takes time to listen and to be helpful. Someone always greets me with a smile. The people who work in this office all seem to care about each other, and therefore, we as patients know they care about our dental health and about us as well.”


“I have always been impressed with the courtesy, kindness and professionalism of the entire staff. That has been consistent through the years.”

-Brenda H.

“Your office is homey and welcoming. The atmosphere is calm and not ‘clinical’. It’s a great environment.”


“The office is wonderful! All of the staff are friendly, courteous, and helpful and work to build relationships with patients! This is by far the best Dental Experience I have ever had! I have referred several family and friends to the office, and they have all had nothing but wonderful things to say!”


“Melissa does a great job every time. She’s kind, knowledgeable, and skilled.”


“They all are very friendly and know my name.”


“I greatly appreciate the exceptional care I receive from Dr Tate & Helen. Thank you to a very professional and efficient Administrative Team too!”


“I have been seeing them for approximately 25 years. They have always been very professional, friendly and caring.”


“The office and staff are the best I have ever received in a dental office. Not to brag on you, but you are doing it right and very well. Thanks for the family atmosphere and hands on care of me.”


“All of your team is excellent! Coming to the dentist is almost a pleasure! 🙂


(When asked what she would like to see in the reception room.) “You guys are so efficient that there isn’t enough time to get through one article! This is a BIG compliment to you!”


“Awesome staff, very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, I’ve never had a bad experience and my family and I have been a patient of Dr. Tate for over 25 years.”

-Lynn A.

“The lady that cleaned my teeth was amazing! Dr. Tyler was very kind and made me feel at ease and the lady that checked me out was very warm and kind! The best experience I have EVER had in a dental office.”

-Deborah S.

“My family has been with Dr. Tate and staff for 20+ years. I know you guys are cutting edge with software/technology. The majority of the staff has been there for ever–kind of says it all.”

-David C.

“Everyone was so very nice and warm, truly ready to help in anyway. Everything about my visits was above standard, in fact so far above standard I would say your practice and your staff are excellent!”


“Everyone is so friendly and helpful!”


“Such a wonderful environment ! Going to the dentist is such a bummer but I am not sure I will feel like that anymore;) a fabulous experience !!! Thank you to all staff and Dr Tate!”

-Alexa S.

“First Class!!”

-Patti A.

“Your office has been good for 25 years and still maintains the same measure of excellence.”

-Dee R.

“There is truly nothing more I could ask for. The staff at Tate Family Dentistry is absolutely wonderful. The care my daughter and I receive is outstanding, and the office environment is welcoming and calm.”

-Jennifer T.