How long will my dentures last?

dentures Southlake TXPatients who get dentures generally don’t want to have to visit their dentist numerous times to have the appliances replaced. It can be reassuring to know that with proper care and appropriate adjustments as needed, you can keep your dentures for several years.

You should follow the denture maintenance instructions for provided by your dentist to get the most bang for your buck.

Following good oral hygiene habits will also help to extend the longevity of your dentures, as bone loss will not be accelerated by underlying gum disease. While some bone loss does occur as a result of tooth loss—due to the absence of the teeth’s roots to serve as anchors—this process will occur more quickly if underlying inflammation compromises the bone tissue.

Just because you have dentures, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for brushing. Your dentist will give you guidance on how to adjust your routine and to use proper technique to brush your gums and keep disease-causing bacteria at a minimum.

It is natural for dentures to lose their fit as the jaw’s shape changes. After at least a few years of bone loss, patients will notice that their dentures are looser or less secure. At this point, you will return to the dentist to have the appliance relined. Eventually, if the denture cannot be relined, it will need to be replaced. This typically only becomes necessary after several years, however.

Some patients complain of issues right after getting their dentures. Although some initial discomfort and awkwardness is to be expected as you get used to your dentures, it should be temporary. If you continue to experience any pain or difficulty with your dentures beyond the initial adjustment period, get in touch with us to schedule a time to have the appliances refitted.

Do you have questions about the longevity of your dentures, how to care for the appliances or any other aspects of getting dentures? Call our office at Tate Family Dentistry to get any additional information that you need or to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns in person.

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