Adjusting to Dentures: What should I expect during the first few weeks?

dentures SouthlakeDentures are a consideration when biological teeth have been lost. There are different types of dentures; a discussion with your dentist will outline your options. Your trusted dental care provider has your best interest at heart so following their advice is going to provide you with the teeth replacement solution best suited for your lifestyle and dental needs.

Changes I Might Expect Following Denture Placement

Any time you make a modification to your oral condition, you can anticipate there will be adjustments. For instance, saliva production will very likely increase. This is temporary, but can be bothersome initially.

Chewing will feel different. It is important that you limit your food choices to soft fare for the first few days. And when you do begin to feel comfortable, gradually introduce chewier foods into your diet. Make sure you keep bite portions small and learn to chew using all your teeth.

Your speech patterns may feel awkward. The addition of a denture can make you feel like you have a foreign object in your mouth that makes certain sound pronunciations a challenge at first. If you feel uncomfortable speaking with your new dentures, practice in front of a mirror; converse with a trusted friend; or sing in the shower. Any amount of practice will help you make this adjustment seamlessly.

There may be some minor discomfort as you learn to adjust to your new dentures. Friction or rubbing against soft oral tissues or your gums can lead to sore spots. Your dentist should be contacted if problems persist. Remember, new dentures may require adjustments. Don’t suffer in silence, and never try to make modifications on your own. A little tweak to your denture can result in damage that can’t be corrected.

Caring for Dentures

Your dentist may recommend you wear your new dentures 24/7 for the first several days. This includes sleeping in them. However, after this initiation period is over, you will be removing your dentures overnight.

Just as you clean your natural teeth, it is imperative that you keep your dentures clean. Follow the instructions provided; if you are diligent about cleaning your dentures daily as well as keeping your remaining biological teeth maintained, your dentures will serve you well allowing you to resume a normal lifestyle and enjoy a great smile for life.

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