Useful Tips for Clean and White Teeth

dentist SouthlakeYour teeth are on display every day so keeping them clean and healthy is important. Brushing and flossing daily provide a great start; keeping regularly scheduled visits with your dentist are needed to remove plaque that has formed since your previous visit. Topical stain is removed, teeth are polished, and a dental exam is performed to identify any problems so treatment can be rendered. All of these tips can help you maintain great dental health, but you might want to consider doing just a bit more.

Tools for Daily Cleaning 

A great investment is an electric toothbrush. The rapid movement of the brush head is excellent for cleaning teeth; and since most have a built in timer, you will be encouraged to brush the recommended two minutes each time you brush.

Use a fluoridated toothpaste. Many contain aids to help with cavity protection; some offer whitening benefits; and if you suffer from sensitivity, there are products to control that. There are pastes and gels in a variety of flavors. Brush at least twice every day for optimum results.

Floss every day. Many people don’t realize that brushing only reaches about two thirds of the surface of teeth. Flossing is needed for the remaining one third, and will remove food particles your toothbrush can’t reach. When done correctly, flossing stimulate gum tissue; this is helpful to maintain healthy teeth.

What you eat and drink as well as certain lifestyle habits can impact the appearance of your teeth. There are foods and beverages known to stain such as coffee, tea, cola, red wine, tomato based and dark sauces, many berries, and certain seasonings are a few of the consumables that can stain your teeth.

Tobacco use can do more than discolor your teeth; the incidence of gum disease and the potential for tooth loss are greatly increased.

What Your Dentist Can Do For You 

In addition to regular cleaning and helping you keep your teeth in optimum health, if you should experience any cosmetic dental malady, your dentist can offer a variety of ideas to enhance your smile.

A consultation with our team at Tate Family Dentistry will outline what can be done to help you achieve and maintain clean and white teeth. From teeth whitening to more extensive cosmetic improvements, our dentist is here to help you obtain the smile you’ve always wanted.

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