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dentures SouthlakeTooth loss is a serious matter, and a resolution deserves serious consideration. An appointment with your dentist to discuss dentures should provide all the information needed to make an educated decision about the options available to best serve your needs.

What Are Dentures?

There are partial dentures when some viable, natural teeth remain. A complete or full denture is required when an entire arch of teeth is missing.

Whether some or all teeth are gone, smiling, speaking, and chewing can be difficult. Dentures provide an opportunity to restore these functions in a relatively brief period of time from start to finish.

When a complete denture is recommended, your dentist may present you with a couple of options. An immediate denture can be provided if teeth are to be extracted at the same time. The denture is made prior to having teeth removed as a temporary fix until a permanent denture is fabricated. The advantage for the patient is that they will never be without some type of dentition.

A traditional full denture is made using a series of impressions of the oral tissues that will be used to support the denture. Dentures are custom designed and crafted in a dental laboratory using the impressions taken.

A removable partial denture is made most often with some type of clasp to hold it in place. A full denture relies on a proper seal with gums to hold it in place.

How Will My Life Change After Dentures? 

As with anything else, any time a major change takes place, there is an adjustment period.

Eating with dentures might be your biggest challenge. It is best to rely on soft foods during this transition period. As you continue to adjust, cut your food into small bites and chew slowly.

Speaking might feel different at first. If you feel self-conscious, practice in front of a mirror or converse with a trusted friend or family member.

Finally, the easiest thing you will be able to do is smile … knowing that your new teeth look great will be a boost to your self-confidence. Your smile will have been restored providing a life altering benefit!

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