Is It Normal to Be Anxious to Visit the Dentist?

Dental anxiety is very common. In fact, some people become so anxious they don’t go to the dentist at all. While dental phobia is more severe and may require professional treatment, dental anxiety alone isn’t something you can’t overcome. Luckily, there are ways to feel less anxious. And it starts by understanding what aspects of […]

The 4 Reasons Why You Could Need an Extraction

Once you’ve lost your baby teeth, you might not even think about the possibility of a tooth extraction. After all, adult teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. However, there are a variety of reasons why you might need an extraction at some point. The good news is an extraction can help give you a […]

Toothache? It Could Be These 4 Things

Some say the most painful experiences are toothaches. And when you get one yourself, you immediately wonder what’s wrong. It can be especially frustrating if you experience pain out of the blue, without warning when your teeth don’t normally give you trouble.  It’s not uncommon to have a toothache now and again. What can be […]

3 Things That Cause Sensitive Gums

If you suffer from sensitive gums, several different things could cause this. Painful gums are a common complaint and can occur very quickly. Sensitive gums are a dental complaint that many dentists see for several different reasons. If you have sensitive gums, don’t wait around too long. Take it seriously and visit your dentist to […]

No At-Home Tooth Care Regime is Complete Without These 4 Tools

In order to have good at-home tooth care, you need to have a few dental tools to keep your teeth clean and healthy. These tools will help you maintain better dental health and reduce any dental issues that could come up down the road. Keep reading to find out which dental tools you should own. […]

Keep Teeth Clean Between Checkups with These 4 Tips

If you want to keep your teeth clean between checkups, there are a few things that can help with that. These preventative measures can keep your teeth looking clean and healthy until your next appointment. Having clean teeth is about more than just the visual aspect. Clean teeth are also healthier and happier teeth. To […]

The 3 Signs You’ve Found a Good Dentist

There are certain qualities of a good dentist that you will want to find in your own dentist. These are important qualities that will help you to feel more at ease when you have to go to the dentist for a procedure or cleaning. It can be hard to find the right dentist for you, […]

How to Find a Family Dentist in TX

If you want to find a great family dentist in Texas, there are a few things that you can do to find just the right one. Committing to a family dentist is a big deal, especially since you will most likely be with them for years to come. This is why this decision should be […]

How to Care For Your Toothbrush

Oral care is crucial to overall good health. While regular visits to the dentist are necessary, it is equally important for individuals to practice good oral hygiene at home. By flossing daily and brushing at least twice a day, the risk of cavities and tooth decay are drastically decreased. To ensure the best results from […]

Common Oral Health Problems: Plaque and Tartar

Did you know that plaque and tartar are some of the most common threats to your oral health? These substances contribute to the development of conditions like tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Fortunately, there is good news. You can control plaque and tartar with proper oral hygiene and by scheduling routine checkups and cleanings […]