Toothache? It Could Be These 4 Things

Some say the most painful experiences are toothaches. And when you get one yourself, you immediately wonder what’s wrong. It can be especially frustrating if you experience pain out of the blue, without warning when your teeth don’t normally give you trouble. 

It’s not uncommon to have a toothache now and again. What can be different are the reasons for the tooth pain, which can be a long list of potential ailments, large or small. If you’re experiencing slight or significant pain in one or more of your teeth, keep reading. One of these four scenarios could be at the root of your toothache.

1. Tooth SensitivityPhoto by Andrea Piacquadio:

Tooth sensitivity is a common reason for tooth pain, as your teeth could naturally be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Your teeth could even feel achy from chewing on hard foods if they are very sensitive.

Just because sensitive teeth are common doesn’t mean you have to suffer from sensitivity pain. If you’re facing persistent sensitivity pain, talk with your dentist about exploring solutions and make sure something more serious isn’t lurking.

2. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is often the result of a cavity that hasn’t been addressed. Unattended decay can give you a terrible toothache that lasts for days on end as the enamel and tooth corrosion worsen. Toothaches caused by decay will only worsen over time, so contact your dental professional right away for relief. Treating those cavities quickly will help prevent pervasive tooth decay.

3. Gum Infection

Sometimes, the toothache isn’t about the tooth. Instead, it may be a sign of gum problems, including bacterial infections. Plaque and bacteria in those hard-to-reach gum areas can lead to painful toothaches. In addition to making teeth more sensitive to pain, toothaches accompanied by reddish or purple-colored gums warrant an immediate call to your dentist for relief.

4. Grinding Teeth

If you are grinding your teeth at night or over-clenching regularly, it could cause tooth damage and increased tooth sensitivity. This could easily create toothaches that come on suddenly and last for hours.

If your grinding is severe, you should consider wearing a mouth guard at night to protect your teeth. It acts as a bite shield and will prevent your teeth from rubbing one another as you move your jaw at night.

Conclusion of Toothache Causes

If you have persistent toothaches that are extremely painful, it’s always worth calling your dentist. The cause of your oral pain may not be all that serious. However, it could be a symptom pointing to one of these four causes. And your dentist can recommend solutions for immediate relief. 

Contact us at Tate Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment to discover why you have tooth pain and get the relief you need.

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