No At-Home Tooth Care Regime is Complete Without These 4 Tools

In order to have good at-home tooth care, you need to have a few dental tools to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

These tools will help you maintain better dental health and reduce any dental issues that could come up down the road. Keep reading to find out which dental tools you should own.

At-Home Oral Health Care Tools

In order to maintain healthy teeth in between dentist visits, you have to have a good oral care regimen. To do this, you will need four dental tools to keep your smile bright and healthy.

1. Toothbrush

Everyone needs a good quality toothbrush to maintain and care for their teeth. This is crucial for at-home tooth care.

Look for a toothbrush that fits your mouth and has soft bristles.

2. Floss

Flossing your teeth is incredibly important as floss can get buildup that your toothbrush can’t reach. Food can get wedged in between your teeth and stay there for hours or even days.

The purpose of floss is to get these bits of food away from your teeth when your toothbrush isn’t able to. This can help you maintain a better smile as well as prevent cavities from forming.

3. Tongue Cleaner

A tongue cleaner is generally a tongue scraper meant to clean your tongue. This can help to freshen your breath as well as improve your sense of taste.

By cleaning your tongue, you are also removing debris and bacteria from your mouth that could start to cause issues. Any bacteria from food can start to cause problems with your teeth.

A tongue cleaner can help you keep your mouth clean and healthy.

4. Pick

A water pick acts similarly to floss, though it often does a better job at removing bacteria. This works by shooting a stream of water between your teeth to remove food particles.

This also does a great job at removing built-up bacteria on the teeth, between them, and even around the gums. 

A pick shouldn’t be used as a floss replacement, but rather another at-home tooth care tool to help you maintain clean teeth.


These four teeth cleaning tools will help you keep your teeth healthy and clean between dental visits. Maintaining a good dental routine at home is very important for a healthy and happy smile.

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