Smile Restoration With Custom Crowns And Bridges

southlake crowns and bridges

When you have a tooth that is decayed, chipped, or broken, or if you have lost one to three teeth in a row, then you need restorative dentistry to enjoy optimal oral health again. With dental crowns and bridges, we can return your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty. At our Southlake, TX, dental office, we can repair your smile or even replace missing teeth!

When to Seek Restorative Treatment

Our dental restorations are designed to provide repair for teeth that have been chipped, cracked, or broken. We can also address teeth with tooth decay too advanced for a filling, or infections that need a root canal and a restoration. We also employ these to correct issues with bite balance, and to even address the gaps in your smile following tooth loss. When you develop serious changes to your smile, don’t ignore the damage or discomfort, let us know right away. Oteri’s, you risk potential infection and the risk of tooth loss and complications with how you eat and speak.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a unique and custom restoration that caps a tooth, covering the visible portion to address an array of serious issues. Our team crafts them from materials like ceramic, which can handle daily bite forces and also be shaded to blend with your smile. The crown is custom-made and can be used to repair damage, treat decay or infection, improve overall bite balance, and as we will discuss in the next section, secure a ridge to right tooth loss! These can help patients of all ages, so don’t delay in seeking treatment. We want to help you smile with confidence in 2024.

Our Custom Bridges

A dental bridge can replace between one and three missing teeth in a row. The prosthetic contains new teeth with crowns attached to each end. When you lose one or more teeth, we will numb the teeth on each side of the gap and remove structure, making room for the crowns of the bridge. We connect the bridge and this secures your new teeth, providing a lifelike prosthetic that can last for 10 to 15 years on average. They are easy to clean and maintain, and help you smile with confidence again.

If you have any questions about our restorative solutions to damaged or decayed teeth, or about our custom prosthetic, then contact our team today. Let’s improve your smile in 2024!

Find Out More About Restorative Dentistry With Tate Family Dentistry In Southlake, TX

We want to help repair your smile and even offer replacement for minor cases of tooth loss. To learn more about restorative dentistry, give us a call at our Southlake, TX dental office at (817) 481-6364.


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