Placing A Custom Crown On Your Tooth

Owoman with nice smileur teeth are strong enough to stay in good shape in our lifetime, even as we use them to bite and chew through a variety of foods. With that said, once a problem affects your tooth structure, permanent protection will have to be provided, because your enamel will not be able to heal itself.  Our Southlake, TX dental office treats problems with dental health with restorations that are meant for specific teeth. If your care calls for a crown, we will rely on precise measurements and the craftsmanship of a trusted dental lab to produce yours. As a result, it can fit securely, offer a natural look, and stay comfortable for years after your procedure!

Why Some Dental Procedures Include The Placement Of Crowns

Dental crowns are not used in every restorative service. One advantage to your regular dental checkups is that we can find problems and treat them with dental fillings so that we can minimize changes to your tooth structure. However, we are prepared to use crowns to take care of our patients when they experience larger cavities or suffer physical injuries. After tending to damaged and infected tissues and performing preparatory work, a crown completely surrounds the remaining tooth. In doing so, it provides valuable bite support while also keeping the tooth safe from future problems.

We Take Care To Give Our Patients Crowns That Offer Lasting Stability And Comfort

If you need a crown, we will carefully measure your tooth to make sure that the one you receive is just the right shape and size to mimic the tooth in need of protection. Before we place yours, we will perform a check to confirm that it is just right for you. In addition to providing a crown with the right dimensions, we carefully select the right material to make sure you have the functional support and cosmetic coverage that you need.

Maintaining Your Smile After Dental Work

Whether you have had several procedures in the past or avoided restorative dental work entirely, you should keep up with regular dental exams. When you do so, you protect yourself against new threats that can develop and demand treatment. During your visits, we provide careful reviews to check on the status of your smile; while we perform these reviews, we will also check up on the condition of restorations you have received.

Talk To Your Southlake, TX Dentist About Treatment With A Custom Dental Crown

When you come to our practice for restorative dental work, you can look forward to care that tends to your specific needs. That means selecting a crown that is made from the right material to provide the protection you need. It also means ensuring that your crown has an ideal fit and can be trusted to protect your tooth for many years. If you would like to learn more about how we approach restorative work with crowns as well as other important dental services, call our Southlake, TX dental office at (817) 481-6364.

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