Dental Implants for Renewed Self Confidence and Peace of Mind

dental implants SouthlakeThe loss of one or more teeth due to decay, disease, or a traumatic event can be devastating. But it does not have to be a life altering experience due to the accessibility of dental implants. Whether you need one, two, or multiple teeth, a consultation with your dentist will reveal how you can enjoy your favorite foods, speak with clarity, and smile with renewed self-confidence with dental implants.

The Dental Implant Process

At your consultation, a discussion regarding your overall health will help identify any concerns. An in-depth oral examination is required to make sure bone strength will be able to support the implants. X-rays will be taken; if bone augmentation is required, your implant dentist will explain your options. A lack of bone strength does not exclude you as a candidate for dental implants.

On your first treatment day, anesthetic allows for a comfortable procedure for you. The implant is a small post that is surgically placed in gum tissue. Post operative instructions will be issued; follow up visits will assure that you are adjusting and healing from the implant placement.

What You Must Do

Infection is a leading cause of implant failure so your dentist will explain how to maintain the surgical area, keeping it clean throughout the healing period. Tobacco users will be advised to give up smoking or chewing as this can lead to implant failure as well.

During the healing period, bone is grafting to the implant (a process known as osseointegration). Once implant and bone are integrated, the implant will act much like the roots of a biological tooth providing support for the final restoration.

The End Result

The cosmetic restoration will be made to match neighboring dentition in size, shape, and shade. The implant will be uncovered, and an abutment will be attached that is made so the restoration can be permanently cemented in place. The restoration will be tried in for fit, appearance, and function; affixed; and your treatment is completed.

You will be able to eat your favorite foods; and you will not have any concerns about slippage or movement as everything is firmly cemented in place. You will smile with confidence, as your newly placed teeth are beautiful. You can enjoy your new appearance with joy and peace of mind designed to last a lifetime.

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