Improve Your Smile and Confidence with These Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile of your dreams and restore your self-esteem. The power of an improved smile is unmistakable. It can revitalize your social and professional life while giving you newfound confidence. Our practice offers a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments including professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and white restorations. Professional Teeth […]

Professional Teeth Whitening Adds A Finishing Touch

If you are looking to upgrade your smile with minimal investment of your time and money, you might consider professional teeth whitening. This treatment can have dramatic results, leaving your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. Teeth whitening is one of the most common reasons that patients initially consult with a cosmetic dentistry practice. Those […]

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Art of Beautiful Smiles

Teeth become a very prominent feature when smiling broadly, laughing, or speaking. And while it would be great if everyone inherently had beautiful teeth, that is not always the case. Obtaining a great smile and improving the appearance of your teeth is possible … a conversation with our dentist about cosmetic dentistry will identify ways […]

How can I maximize the benefits achieved through teeth whitening?

You’ve made the decision to pursue teeth whitening to refresh your smile. That’s very often a fabulous way to revitalize your appearance … working with a cosmetic dentist has many advantages that will produce a great result. Here’s how … Teeth Whitening Products are Tried, Tested, and True Investing in pastes, rinses, one size fits […]

The New Era of Cosmetic Dentistry

There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was performed primarily for the wealthy. However, times have changed and your family dentist now offers many cosmetic enhancements that are affordable on just about any budget. What Types of Cosmetic Improvements Are More Commonplace Today? Teeth Whitening: Dental stain can ruin your smile. Whether using in office […]

Enjoy a Brighter Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry has never been more readily available and affordable. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular enhancements that can make a big change in your appearance. And your dentist is an authority on teeth whitening products. What Can Professional Teeth Whitening Do For Me? Dental stain happens for many reasons … medications, diet, […]

Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile

Your smile is perhaps one of your most important features and you want it to look great. It is used to welcome others, convey emotion and so much more. As you age, there may be times when you feel it necessary to enhance the beauty of your smile through the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Perhaps […]

Professional Tooth Whitening: How Long Will the Results Last?

We all wish we had beautifully white teeth. Thankfully we have teeth whitening which is a very popular option to achieve a bright smile. No matter which method of whitening you choose, your daily habits can have an impact on the length of time your teeth will maintain their newly lightened status. Regular visits to the dentist […]

Dental Myths: All Teeth Whitening Options are the Same

Teeth whitening is a very popular tool used in cosmetic dentistry. There are multiple brands and methods; your dentist will consult with you to discuss the pro’s and con’s of one’s you’re interested in, and offer suggestions of what might work best for you. Since whitening has become a very economical way to achieve a […]

Are there side effects from teeth whitening?

If you take advantage of the popular cosmetic dentistry treatment of teeth whitening, you may be concerned about possible side effects. Fortunately, teeth whitening is a low-risk intervention. Most patients will have no unexpected symptoms as a result of this treatment, although a certain number of patients do complain of tooth sensitivity and some irritation […]