Professional Tooth Whitening: How Long Will the Results Last?

teeth whitening SouthlakeWe all wish we had beautifully white teeth. Thankfully we have teeth whitening which is a very popular option to achieve a bright smile. No matter which method of whitening you choose, your daily habits can have an impact on the length of time your teeth will maintain their newly lightened status. Regular visits to the dentist are just one way to help teeth looking and feeling their best.

What Foods You Need to Limit or Avoid

Once you have invested time and money in enhancing your smile with teeth whitening, knowing what foods can stain your teeth is important to your maintenance program.

Many healthy fruits like blueberries or blackberries can stain dental enamel. Dark sauces like soy or balsamic can stain. You may love your pasta, but did you know that tomato based sauces can discolor teeth? Even spices like curry can present a problem when it comes to dental stain.

And it’s not only foods … beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, cola … all can stain your teeth.

Plan Ahead

If you know you are going to be eating or drinking anything you believe can stain, come prepared. There are handy little disposable toothbrushes available that come with toothpaste that you can use to protect your smile.

If nothing else, rinse thoroughly with water following consumption. Drink cold beverages through a straw to allow most of the liquid to bypass your teeth.

Tobacco Use

Smoking and tobacco in any form can stain your dentition. Of course, tobacco is detrimental to overall health as well as dental health. If you want your teeth to look great, abstain from tobacco.

Acquiring Teeth Whitening

Your dentist is your best option when it comes to obtaining teeth whitening. Any teeth whitening products dispensed by your dentist will have been tested for safety and effectiveness. And will likely provide optimum results over any whitening product you can buy anywhere else.

And you will have a dental professional available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Teeth whitening products or kits purchased online or at the drugstore leave you on your own if you have a question or problem.

Once you consult with our dentist regarding teeth whitening, follow up visits to have teeth cleaned and polished every six months will enhance whichever whitening plan you select.

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