The New Era of Cosmetic Dentistry

There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was performed primarily for the wealthy. However, times have changed and your family dentist now offers many cosmetic enhancements that are affordable on just about any budget.

What Types of Cosmetic Improvements Are More Commonplace Today?

Teeth Whitening: Dental stain can ruin your smile. Whether using in office or take home products, teeth whitening acquired through your dental provider has many advantages over generic products you can buy at your supermarket, drugstore, or online. These advantages include:

  • Strength of products – Your dentist is licensed to provide the most powerful teeth whitening products that will result in a dazzling smile.
  • You have the assurance of knowing that teeth whitening dispensed by your dentist has been tested for safety and quality.
  • You will have a dental professional available to address your questions or concerns.

Porcelain Veneers: Teeth that have been chipped, stained, or may be uneven or worn away … all

of these conditions respond very well to porcelain veneers. Veneers are wafer thin shells that are made to be affixed to the front of teeth requiring repair.

Preparation involves removing a small amount of enamel from the front of teeth; this is done so when veneers are cemented into place, all teeth will appear even and symmetrical.

White Restorations: There are multiple uses for this tooth colored bonding material.

Decay repair – With tooth colored composite, much less of the tooth needs to be removed leaving a more substantial structure of the tooth than when repairing a cavity with amalgam.

Bonding – Chipped enamel and dental stain can be corrected with tooth colored materials. Uneven dentition and worn teeth can be augmented with this material making the correction virtually invisible. These repairs were never possible with silver amalgam.

Caring For Your New Smile

Cosmetic dentistry has changed and improved in recent years. A consultation with our dentist will reveal all the possibilities available to improve your appearance.

Once you have undergone a cosmetic enhancement, our dental team will explain the best way to care for your new smile. Learn the foods and beverages that can stain teeth and limit or avoid them. Cold beverages can be consumed with a straw allowing staining liquids to bypass teeth.

Brush and floss daily; visit Tate Family Dentistry every six months for cleaning and exam … and enjoy your bright, new smile!

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