Take Charge Of Your Gum Health With Periodontal Treatment!

periodontal treatment southlake txWhen you think about your smile, what do you see? For most people, they envision a beautiful set of teeth. But these are supported by gum tissue, and when this becomes infected and inflamed, it can start to become a real problem for your smile. Periodontal disease is routinely identified as the leading cause of adult tooth loss, so if you have started to see a change in your gumline, it is important to talk to your dentist about your options in treatment.

At our Southlake, TX, dental office, you can take steps to improve your gum health through dedicated periodontal treatment. This helps you to have a smile free of bacterial buildup below your gumline, as plaque and tartar can be difficult for you to remove on your own. If they remain, they can start to cause bone loss, which can leave you with loose teeth that are prone to even more infection. When you start to notice a shift in your gums, talk to our team about special treatment for your periodontal tissue!

Your Smile Is More Than Just Your Teeth, So Care For Your Entire Oral Health

If you are only focusing on your dentistry through brushing and flossing, you are missing out on a key element of maintaining your smile. You need to see the dentist at least twice each calendar year, and if you have been skipping these appointments, your oral health may be slipping. Be sure to follow through with your schedule of semiannual dental checkups to ensure that your smile stays safe.

Over time, bacterial buildup can start to happen, and this can be devastating for your smile. While you may be familiar with plaque and tartar accumulation’s effects on the surface of your teeth, such as dental cavities, did you know that it can do damage below your gumline, as well?

Periodontal Treatment Helps You To Keep Your Smile Safe From Serious Deterioration

When bacterial buildup starts to occur at and below your gumline, it can create pockets where your gums pull back from their natural location on your teeth. Even more, this can cause bone loss, which can loosen your teeth and put them at risk of loss. Scaling and root planing is a combined set of techniques to remove plaque and tartar buildup from below your gumline. If you have developed periodontal pockets, talk to our team about cleaning deeper within your smile so that you keep your teeth healthy for longer.

Find Out More About Gum Health With Tate Family Dentistry In Southlake, TX

Your periodontal tissue holds your teeth, and when it starts to pull back, it places your smile at risk. To learn more about scaling and root planing, give us a call at our Southlake, TX dental office at (817) 481-6364.

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