Steps to Prevent Common Dental Emergencies

emergency dentist SouthlakeAccidents happen … it’s a part of life. In the event you may require emergency dental care, being prepared is essential for the most successful outcome. The best place to start is with your emergency dentist.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Regular dental visits should commence starting around twelve months of age. Healthy teeth and gums are important to you and your family. Being vigilant will help you to avoid one of the most common dental emergencies … severe toothache due to decay. Regular dental visits will allow your dentist to monitor caries to treat them before they reach “emergency” condition.

Of course, you can’t rely totally on your dentist. It is up to you to make sure you brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste and floss to remove what your toothbrush missed. Other steps you can take include watching what you eat; limit sugary treats and starches; drink water in lieu of sugary beverages and soda; do not use tobacco in any form (including electronic cigarettes); and help control daily stressors that can lead to teeth grinding.

Be Prepared for A Dental Emergency

You can do all the right things, but still find yourself in need of emergency dental care. Make sure you have the contact information for your emergency dentist readily available. Post the information in a prominent place for caregivers. But since emergencies don’t always occur during normal office hours, be prepared and have the information needed for after hours emergency care as well.

You should always utilize the equipment needed to protect teeth and gums whenever the activity calls for it. A mouth guard is designed to protect the teeth, gums, tongue, lips, soft oral tissues, and jaws. Wearing a mouth guard that has been fabricated by your dentist will provide maximum protection against an accidental blow or contact made during a sporting activity.

Finally, since accidents do happen, be knowledgeable about steps you can take to minimize the damage. For example, if the proper care is administered immediately, it may be possible to save a dislodged tooth.

We only get one set of permanent teeth. Providing excellent and consistent daily care for teeth and gums will help you to keep them for a lifetime of service.

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