Invisalign® Means Invisible Smile Correction

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Poor alignment means a less-than-stellar looking smile, but this also means negative impacts on the overall health and function of your smile too. Without treatment, you could face major complications for your oral health. We understand that for teens and adults, braces could be a source of embarrassment. But our Southlake, TX, dental practice can offer an alternative with the Invisalign® system.

The Negative Impacts of Uneven Teeth

Even if your misalignment appears minor, this could still pose a threat to your oral health. Uneven teeth are difficult to thoroughly brush and floss, leaving your smile vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, for some the strain on your jaw joints from an uneven and imbalanced bite could lead to TMJ disorder and even bruxism (chronic teeth grinding). You could also simply feel self-conscious about your smile, which impacts your social interactions. Our team can provide a practically invisible approach to smile correction with Invisalign®.

Creating Custom Aligners

Our team will examine your smile to assess your misalignment and decide if you need clear aligners. If so, these aligners will be custom-made based on detailed digital images we take of your smile. Made from a soft and somewhat pliable plastic, these will fit comfortably and prevent gum and cheek irritation. Being clear means they’re barely vulnerable. Each one is made for your smile, and each one will gently move your teeth closer to their optimal position.

Treatment involves wearing a set for a set amount of time daily, for a period of two weeks. You the continue care with the next set in the series. The process continues for about a year, while more extensive misalignment could require as much as 18 months.

The Benefits Offered By Invisalign®

The aligners are not only comfortable, but they’re easily removed too. Which means you can take them out before meals to avoid food being trapped in your orthodontics. You also don’t have to worry about sticky or chewy options, which you would need to avoid if you wore braces. Being removable also makes brushing and flossing so much easier, so you can better protect your smile. You also have a shorter treatment time, and require fewer office visits when compared to metal braces.

If you have any questions about how our team treats misalignment with the clear and comfortable Invisalign® system, then contact our team today to learn more. We’re ready to help you obtain a straighter and healthier smile with our cosmetic orthodontic aligners.

Talk To Your Southlake, TX Dental Practice About Clear Orthodontics!

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