How Dental Implants Can Reduce Long-Term Dental Costs

dental implants Southlake TX

Dental implants are used to restore tooth loss. The dental implant process may take longer than other methods of tooth restoration; however, the final result will provide a permanent and natural solution that will allow the patient to eat all the foods they love; they will not ever need to be without their teeth; and their implant is there for life … no relining, no soaking, no fuss.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically placed in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. As healing ensues, the jaw bone is fusing to the implant … over time the implant will become a permanent part of the patient’s dental anatomy.

The restoration that will be used to cover the implant will have been made to match surrounding teeth so the final result is so natural no one will be able to tell your natural tooth is missing. There is no need to worry about jaw bone loss as the titanium implant has allowed bone to graft and strengthen to support the restoration functioning much like the roots of a natural tooth.

With other methods used to support tooth loss, bone loss continues as the restoration simply rests against gum tissue. Over time gum shrinkage occurs that can alter the way the prosthetic device fits and functions. A new one can be required multiple times over your lifetime resulting in time consuming and costly dental work.

Dental implants provide a fixed and permanent solution. And while a bridge can be fixed, there can still be problems with food getting in under the “false tooth” of the bridge; healthy abutment teeth had to be cut and crowned to attach the bridge; and the bridge will likely need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

With dental implants, there are no food restrictions; with many other tooth replacement methods, the patient has concerns over slippage and movement while eating, speaking, and laughing. Regular adjustments may be required; or the patient may feel the need to use a denture paste to feel secure about their dental work. This will never be the case with dental  implants.

Dental implants provide a lifelong, natural, and permanent solution for tooth loss from a traumatic event, decay, or infection. The result is natural in appearance, fit, and function to serve you well for a lifetime. Call our team at Tate Family Dentistry today!


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