Myths About Root Canals

When root canal therapy is recommended, some patients may panic. After all, everyone has heard about someone’s experience, although very likely embellished when told by a friend, relative, or coworker. The truth is a root canal is a very simple procedure that accomplishes a great deal. Myths and Truths About Root Canals A root canal […]

When can I return to work or school following root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure that involves removing the contents of a tooth’s root canals. With current dental technology and endodontic tools, it is easily performed allowing your dentist to save your biological tooth. What Is A Root Canal? Each tooth has roots that have canals that contain pulp, blood, nerves, and connective tissues. […]

Root Canals: Purpose and Procedure

A root canal is a procedure performed to treat decay or infection inside a tooth. The soft tissue inside a tooth is called the pulp. The pulp contains nerves which send signals of discomfort when there is an issue or infection. During a root canal, the damaged pulp is removed along with the nerve of […]

Will a root canal save my tooth?

The prospect of root canals is upsetting to many people. Although it is an important procedure in dentistry, it has gained a bad reputation. In truth, that might otherwise have to be removed. When Is a Root Canal Necessary? Root canals are most commonly used to restore teeth that have suffered severe injury, extensive decay […]

3 Reasons Why Not to be Anxious about a Surgical Root Canal

Root canals have a reputation for being a long and painful procedure; but this is undeserved. Perhaps decades ago before modern dental technology root canal therapy was more difficult; but today’s endodontic therapy is performed with efficiency and little to no discomfort. A non surgical root canal is much like treating a tooth that is […]